Three effective ways to boost your mood

3 effective ways to boost your mood

We all need it from time to time, but maybe we don't do it in the right way for the ideal result.

When people need a boost to their mood, often the first thing they think of are sources of pleasure, such as a nice meal, a weekend in the countryside, or shopping. But indulgence isn't always the best way to boost your mood. Activities that provide a sense of fulfillment can be more effective.

The big problem with this advice is that at times when we need a boost, we are often too exhausted, physically or emotionally. In this state, you are unlikely to engage in activities such as cleaning the house, even if they provide you with a sense of fulfillment.

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Instead, consider the following original ideas for getting through an emotionally difficult time:

1. An adventurous activity, even if it is a little difficult

This strategy is not suitable for all situations where you need a boost, but you can include it in your options. When you feel low on energy or drained by life, you may not be motivated to do things you "should" do, such as dealing with paperwork or cleaning.

Adventures can be a great mood booster, even if they aren't objectively restful. By getting out of your home environment, you will gain a new perspective on your life and problems.

2. Modes of entertainment that feature people on physically and emotionally exhausting but meaningful missions

When you're feeling stressed and anxious, it's easy to see these feelings as completely negative. But sometimes, when you have these feelings, it's because you're pursuing an important goal. One way to boost yourself when you are experiencing intense anxiety and stress about your goals is to see other people having the same experience, that is, chasing their dreams with no guarantee of success and often going through a lot of anguish and facing obstacles.

One option is to watch series and documentaries about the adventures of people in adverse conditions. While you don't achieve anything yourself by watching them, they can help you realize that you are on a meaningful mission in life, even if your dominant emotions are fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. These feelings don't necessarily mean you're making mistakes. It is to be expected when you are pursuing important goals.

This strategy often works best if you choose content that touches you emotionally but isn't similar to whatever goal you're pursuing. In this way, you will find the universality of your feelings and struggles, and this can provide you with some psychological distance and stress relief.

3. Contact someone you admire

One advantage of feeling down is that sometimes we feel like we have nothing to lose, and this can paradoxically make us more adventurous. For example, you may be at risk of feeling ignored or rejected when you normally avoid it.

If you're already feeling lost, it might seem like there's no way to feel worse, so why not take some interpersonal risks?

One way to use this is to contact someone you admire. He may not respond to you, but if you do, this action can give you a big mood boost. Making the effort to communicate will give you a sense of accomplishment, especially if it's something you don't normally do.

This could be as simple as sending a thank-you message on social media or an email to a writer who helped you with their work. Or you could connect with someone in your field of work, such as an old classmate or professor. If you're not asking for something but just sending a thank-you or friendly message, there's a good chance she'll respond (unless you're trying to contact a big celebrity).

There are many ways to lift your spirits when you are going through an emotionally difficult time. The greater the variety of strategies you use, the more resilient you will be. No, they won't make the emotional pain go away, but they can help you see your pain and yourself differently. They can help you feel a little better and make difficulties seem like growth experiences rather than something that wears you down.

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