5 Essential Tips for Successful Online Dating!

Five Essential Tips for Successful Online Dating!

It is a fact that the internet and social media have entered our lives for good. For better or worse, and due to the conditions prevailing in the world, many things that we would do in person, we now do online. One of them is dating and flirting with men. Today I recommend the basic tips for online dating!

Communicating and getting to know someone through a screen has several positives. It is a little easier to "break" the ice. The good thing is that there are many mobile apps that you can download to meet people!

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How to stand out in online dating

1. Don't feel guilty about flirting there.

Unlike the rest of the (normal) world, in Greece, we consider it taboo to use the internet for dating. This happens even subconsciously. Many times, it happens that someone downloads, for example, a mobile dating app and is embarrassed to mention it even to friends.

Aside from the fact that this is absurd, usually the person who has "criminalized" online flirting as an idea will also express this at the time of doing it to the person they are flirting with online. In other words, it makes no sense to approach online dating hesitantly, pretending to anyone you know on the internet that you are "just passing your time and not looking for anything".

When you consider that most people you'll talk to on dating apps also have profiles there, they're probably looking for the same thing as you. So show confidence in your choice and in yourself, and indulge in a pleasant acquaintance! Men like women who know what they want and are sure of themselves!

2. Try to have a sense of humor.

As we said, many things are indeed made easier through the Internet when we talk about flirting. You may say things that, under other circumstances, you would not dare say. You might talk to people that, if you saw them in a bar, you would be afraid to approach lest you be rejected.

However, you should never forget that the screen between you and the person also acts as a wall. Both ways. This means that anyone who doesn't know you and you don't know them can say their stupidity precisely because they can hide behind their screen. No consequences.

Don't let yourself be swayed by mean or rude comments. He faced even these strange conditions with humor. Instead of adopting the Matina Mantarinaki "I'll never find a man" style, just laugh at a failed date and make fun of your friends. Don't take any failures personally! We certainly won't have chemistry with everyone!

Extra tip: in case you see a profile on a dating app that says "Please no crazy or weird", walk away! It stinks that this guy is into drama!

3. Be honest about your purpose.

This is probably one of the most important online dating tips. Precisely because we have not yet fully decriminalized the whole phase, we tend to hide our true purpose. But this will usually backfire in most cases.

This is what happens when we pretend to be relaxed and comfortable and are not looking for something serious. If that was indeed your goal, all is well. But if deep down you just want to find someone to meet in real life and, if all goes well, create something together, then you're going to have a problem.

Of course, I don't mean the first day you talk to someone and start saying you're looking for a groom for marriage! But if someone really piques your interest, you get in frequent contact, and you see that things are going well, it would be a good idea to clarify what you are looking for.

If you don't, you're more likely to get hurt in the event that the other person wants something else from you or nothing at all.

4. Don't write lies in your profile.

It's very bad to tell people lies for so many reasons. And I'm not just talking about fake or old photos that don't correspond to reality anymore. I'm also talking about the information you write about yourself in your profile.

First, writing lies about your character, your life, and your desires is offensive to you. It shows that subconsciously, you don't value yourself for who you are or aren't proud of your life and choices.

Second, it's unfair to the people who choose to contact you. When someone has thousands of people with photos, lives, and features to choose from and they choose you, it means something. It is not fair to let others be consumed by an acquaintance they make in their minds with a person when, in reality, they are quite the opposite.

Imagine doing this and then continuing to get to know a person better. To feel things for you or you for him and want to be close. And to have to undo everything he knew and liked about you. Not worth it! One more of the online dating tips is: want to be loved for all that you really are!

5. Stay safe at all costs.

The most important of the online dating tips is to ensure that you will always and under all conditions be safe. It has nothing to do with your age or your brain. Risks exist for all of us and may not be readily apparent.

Although the conditions of the pandemic now make it a little difficult to meet in person, I suggest the following: Spend enough time communicating with someone to learn as much as possible about them. Once you see that you are interested in this person, ask things about their life, their family, their habits—everything you would ask in person.

As soon as you feel more confident and want to, you can arrange, in a safe and controlled environment, a relaxed meeting for coffee outdoors with people. A walk with coffee in hand in a park or on the beach, for example. In any case, for all your meetings, let a friend know exactly where you will be, when, and with whom.


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